The Hess GmbH looks back on many years of experience in the processing of wind-throw and breakage due to hurricane damage.

Since the storm Wiebke in 1990 in the following areas, the team is working:

  • Clearing forest sites
  • Processing and removal of timber
  • Installation of timber storage with water conservation (wet storage)
  • Afforestation (with different planting methods)

In use are harvesters and skidders (task: lying lumber to cut, debranching and scaling in one operation). Furthermore, smal skidders support the works. Adequately skilled workers are available to provide a proper work-up. Also forwarders (four-wheel drive, off-road capable) are used to work efficiently.

The hauling of the timber is carried out by trucks in various areas. Wet storage of timber is often required due to the large quantities of timber. A logistical challenge is the hauling by trucks and truck-trailers without crane including the rail loading to various clients and container loading for clients abroad. This challenge is one, the Hess GmbH / Interforst GmbH faces successfully since years of experience in the industry and especially in those areas.

The Hess GmbH / Interforst GmbH assume the coordination of major projects in forestry together with a number of partner companies in Germany.

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The process of lumbering and transportation:

  • Mechanical or manual processing and skidding (both short and long scaled)
  • Transport bay truck, rail or ship
  • Organisation of transport and storage for the wood industry
  • Container loading for export

Afforestation – the following procedures will apply:

  • Rhode hoe
  • Hollow spade planting
  • Hole planting
  • Drill planting
  • Tubex-Ventex-tubes for advanced growth

At the following hurricane damages the Hess GmbH / Interforst GmbH were on task and in many areas they are still active:

  • Hurricane Lothar
  • Hurricane Erwin
  • Hurricane Kyrill
  • Hurricane Emma
  • Hurricane Klaus

Since 2008, the Interforst GmbH increasingly takes over from the Hess GmbH the area of forestry services.

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